Football coaching is in constant evolution, with the game now played at a much faster pace and swifter decision making expected of a player.
 Over at BJSA, trainees train hard to hone their technical skills with age appropriate physical conditioning. Social interaction occurs during training sessions and player participation (as part of the Singapore Sports Culture)  is emphasized as each trainee is special over at BJSA. Trainees return to BJSA because they know they are part of a big family and our coaches are constantly reminded to adhere to this aspect of keeping the camaraderie intact.

The above order set is conformed but also altered to be employed upon the strengths and weaknesses observed of the player.

Technical skill - As being part of any learning sport academy, technical skill coaching is fundamental to the success of the academy. The coaches at BJSA understand this and they are instilled with clear directions by head coach, Fabio da Silva, to bring the Brazilian way of playing to the trainees while also focusing in fun factor, small achievements and expression of creativity with the ball.

Physical conditioning - Fitness is fundamental to any outdoor sport and soccer is no different. Here at BJSA, we instil the fun factor into training while not straying too much away from physical conditioning as well. The hot, tropical climate and demands of training under such constraints are always considered when we push the trainees beyond their comfort zones so as to build their physical capacity and ensure that they aren’t found wanting in a game situation, physically.
Social Interaction - Social interaction and the ability to voice out and interact, talk during a game is crucial. Here, at BJSA, we encourage interaction with the trainees and coaches and the coaches constantly encourage the trainees to express themselves during a game. The interaction opportunities during training and game situations helps build an identity amongst the trainees. The bond stays strong well beyond BJSA training sessions.
Participation - While achievement is fundamental in any sport, it is not the only tangible in sports. Here, at BJSA, we insist in participation and pushing the trainees further in their learning curve. Participation allows trainees to see themselves as exponents of the game and vicarious achievements amongst trainees are encouraged and also inspires one to better himself/herself. BJSA also encourages a non-gender biased environment in learning.
Mental skills - More often than not, mental strength and skills are ignored or not explored enough in pursuit of success. This is not neglected at BJSA as the coaches bring their wealth of school end experience to the trainees and more often than not, our trainees have had opportunities school team players and gained approval from rival school coaches for their qualities all around.


This is only an example of our centre’s coaching curriculum The emphasis for the different age groups differ accordingly.