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One on one private  soccer training

Brazilian  Jericho Soccer Academy offers private training where we can work specifically on each players needs.
Working on the player's weaknesses and strengthening their best, private training has been successfully helping our players to succeed.
  • Focus on the individual needs of the player – Despite it being a team game, soccer often requires individualised expertise and so, 1 on 1 soccer training can help significantly.  Techniques such as flexibility, speed, agility and power with and without the ball are enhanced and developed to help the player integrate into the team and the game.
  • Build confidence in a player – As much it is a mental game, soccer is often physically demanding. With form comes confidence and players often succeed  where 1 on 1 soccer training sessions have helped develop confidence in a player. Mental barriers are broken and the players often come out of such sessions reborn as matured and confident soccer players.
  Session Duration
Approximately 1 Hour

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