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Brazilian Style Soccer

Jogo Bonito, as they term it, The Beautiful Game is best exemplified by the Brazilians. The game has been one of the most loved and admired ways of playing soccer throughout the world. Wizardry on the ball, grace and finesse are often associated with the Brazilian Style of Soccer. 

Moreover when "Selecao" won the World Cup for the 5th time in 2002, many wanted to learn how to play the game in that magical way.

Two years after that the Brazilian Jericho Soccer Academy (BJSA) was created with the intention of teaching Brazilian Style Soccer to the children and teenagers in Singapore.
The game’s essence, skill and good character are imbued in the participants while allowing them to grasp their full potential while playing the game within the confines of the rules, illustrating teamwork and responsibility expected of a footballer. 

If you also love Brazilian Soccer you are in the right place. For first timers, there is the sweetener of 2 Free Trial Training Sessions with no obligations!

Just contact us and we will help you with everything else!

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